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Little brother is coming

In a short time I’ll be father again and I’ll experience what does having two children mean. Alice’s little brother is coming pretty soon and I’m not ready at all! A storm of questions rumbles in my mind. Will I … Continue reading

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Today, three years ago: the beginning of an incredible journey

It was today, three years ago, that me, my wife and my almost three years old Alice, were embarking for the most incredible journey of our life, on a plane directed to Beijing, China, ready to open our hearts and … Continue reading

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Great expectations

Have you ever had great expectations from an event, a person, a child and then had a delusion because things had run different? The more we wish the less we grab. At least I got this from my experience. Please, … Continue reading

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Eating (mis)behaviours

Yesterday was a sunny day in Genoa. Spring blasted in all its colours and scents, so what better than a day trip to Nervi park, a gorgeous park with palms and grass, sheer on the turquoise Mediterranean sea, together with … Continue reading

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The punishment

Some months ago I heard from my daughter she was put in time-out, because she had been noisy during the ballet class. It had happened more than once so the teacher decided that for some minutes she had to stay … Continue reading

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“Help me do it myself”

Have you ever heard about the Montessori education? Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator, revolutionized children education methods in the early nineteen century. Her concept is based on giving children independence, freedom within limits, and respect for their natural … Continue reading

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Blackmail or compromise

Usually children want here and now what they ask for. And they always prefer to delay to better times what they dislike. This is a key point in education, I think: how to teach effectively to wait for what they … Continue reading

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