About me

I’m an Italian father of a sweet, energetic, smart little girl of 5, husband of a splendid, enduring, clever wife. I daily fight with my direct, impulsive and stagy me by turning reflective, rational and diplomatic. I’m exacting from myself, from people around me, from the world and from the destiny. I like to decompose in smaller parts what happens to me and around me, trying to distinguish the cause from the effect.
I always thought not to be lucky, but to deserve the fortune I had achieved with sacrifice. Until I understood that some facts, that happen in our life, cannot be controlled or escaped, no matter the effort we make.
One fact, a big one, has been my daughter’s diabetes, happened when she turned 5.
My life changed, my perspective changed. I passed through rage. I blamed my God. I turned hopeless. I fought against her hypos and hypers. I learnt to cohabit with all of this.
I slowly understood that, as a father, I’ve a mission, the mission to make my daughter believe in life.

I decided to have a blog, but not a D-blog, not only! Because diabetes is today and for our future a part of our life, is not our life. I want to tell a story, the story of a father that wants to grow her child, grow with her child, sharing choices, mistakes, hopes, wishes.


One Response to About me

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for your comment on my post, Maurizio. It certainly sounds that you are teaching your daughter by example to live life to the fullest! Look forward to following you. By the way, Franca, my wife is Italian, so it is nice to see there is even that in common. All the best.

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