Say your feelings

I always thought that who is able to clearly express his own feelings has a gift. My daughter has it and I’m learning much from her about it. She often jokes me because I don’t put too much enthusiasm in telling my deeper feelings and says: “Papà è prudente!”, that literally means “Dad is prudent”, that sounds as a good thing. But this word for her obviously means cautious, controlled, the opposite of cheerful.
I watch her, so joyful, so mirthful, so merry with people, with friends, with me and I try to learn from her.
This evening I was alone with her and at bedtime, after the usual book reading, she wrapped her arms tightly around me and sigh for relief “It’s beautiful to stay with daddy!” So there, children can be really immediate and direct with feelings, and it’s embarrassing to keep searching words different from “Me too”.
I record some of her sentences, not to forget. Another thing I learnt from her is children’s perspective of life. They can really enjoy small things and fill their little hearts of those: once we were speaking about nature and animals and different kind of people living on our earth and she commented: “The world is wonderful!”; some days ago she was very tired and touching the bed with her body and the pillow with her head she stretched exclaiming: “Ah, life is soo beautiful”.
I make a promise. Never more be “prudente”, at least to her.

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