Little brother is coming

In a short time I’ll be father again and I’ll experience what does having two children mean. Alice’s little brother is coming pretty soon and I’m not ready at all! A storm of questions rumbles in my mind. Will I love him as much as my sweet girl? Will I know how to teach respect and care each other? Will I give the same chances to the newborn? Will I make differences?
I’ve only a rough idea of my new tasks of father of two. People have different personality, different needs, different preferences. All is inside their chromosomes, their education, their experiences. Siblings shouldn’t live one in the shadow of the other, desire what the other is or has, envy or denigrate or compete in front of the parents.
This is what. Then I ask myself how.
How much is difficult for a parent to understand that every single child is a single person?
A friend of mine has two children, very competitive brothers. The elder is five and needs an helmet to ride the motorbike together with the father and go to school. The younger is four and the law doesn’t allow him to ride motorbikes. He demands for a personal helmet too. The whimsy starts. Finally he gets the helmet. Now he wants to use it, but the law doesn’t allow to. Jealousy turns into frustration.
My daughter is making questions, very difficult ones. Last day asked: “Will Giulio have diabetes?”. She did choose the name. Well, I don’t know the answer. But in that very moment I deeply knew that we have to make differences, because each of us is different. Will he have blue eyes? Will he live in China from three to five? Will he like focaccia? Maybe. Maybe not.

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