A dream

Last night I made a dream. I was with my family in the white beach of Boracay. The sand shimmering, the wind caressing my hair, lazy waves breaking on the shore, the sailboats silently sliding on the ocean. The sound of a digging crab caught and kept in the bucket. A dolphin shape sand sculpture eroded by the sun. The scent of fresh mango, just squeezed in the glass. Alice’s voice and laughs coming from far. I was listening to her playing and talking in English with her new friend Joana.

My wife was close to me lying on the sunbed and reading a book. I took her hand, she looked at me, then Alice ran in front of us like an arrow and splashed into the water. My wife whispered “She’s so beautiful. She’s so lucky. Would you like to give her a brother?”.

We were happy. We knew it. And it was not a dream.

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