Eating (mis)behaviours

Yesterday was a sunny day in Genoa. Spring blasted in all its colours and scents, so what better than a day trip to Nervi park, a gorgeous park with palms and grass, sheer on the turquoise Mediterranean sea, together with a few other families and friends.
My daughter always enjoys breathing fresh air, tumbling in the grass and climbing twisted trees together with her friends.
The hard time comes when she has to cope with food, I mean junk food, I speak about the other’s junk food.
Children were entertaining with bikes and balls while morning snack time came in mothers’ minds. Me and my wife had always done a tearing work against junk food even before diabetes entered our lives. Now more than before we are motivated to fight against alimentary misbehaviours and to teach our daughter that there is a time for everything, (healthy) food included; and this time in our mind was lunch time, all seated in the restaurant, enjoying our Mediterranean dishes, having conversation and resting before an afternoon at the park again.
Alice usually understands this and, after checking her blood sugar, accepted to skip the half-morning  snack because she didn’t need it. At lunch time she ate everything, remaining seated for the whole meal, listening for the admiration of the other mums. “What a good girl!”, while the other children were making noise and whimsy and they didn’t sit around the table at all. “What a hungry girl!” I would have replied.
In the middle of the afternoon the other children were starving, after all that activity. And from the careful mums’ bags loads of delicious snack came out. My daughter’s big eyes watched me deeply as she were querying “why I am different?”. I hope she will understand, one day, that is not because of her diabetes. I hope diabetes will simply be an additional instrument to be different.

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