London plans

How to plan an amusing trip with children.
I believe that the key for sharing a pleasant holiday with someone is to have a few common interest. This is almost true with adults, but it is definitely so with youngster, because they have no inhibition if they want to express they boring and disagreement for what they don’t like, as they freshly and truly enjoy with transport what they love! Otherwise the hint is: travel alone, please!
My concept of holiday is to have a direct experience with the local history, habits and culture. A friend living there can make the difference by giving advices, being a guide or simply giving the chance to discover some hidden treasure to mass tourism. If it’s not possible, understanding the local language can anyway be a plus. In any case it’s important to arrive prepared and schedule in advance what you don’t want to miss. For any place you want to see, there shall be another that satisfies your parties, and if compromises are difficult there shall be a common wish at least. I designed with my wife our Christmas trip to London very carefully, considering all the factors that could have made the difference. We cannot control the weather, of course!
Well, the period for visiting London was fascinating, but a lot of aspects had to be taken into account: no local friend available on that days, it was Christmas and the feast is really traditionally lived in there! A very limited transportation offer on bank holidays, and an unexpected strike announced at the very last moment. Many attractions shut for the festivity. On the other hand all London dressed up of Christmas theme, what was open was specially addressed for the recurrence, so a unique opportunity. And on december 25th is the only chance during the year for taking pictures of almost desert streets and monuments in London!
Alice was great! She enjoyed and participated with enthusiasm to every moment of the 5 days spent. She really appreciated our organization and she has shown much interest to what we proposed her.
In my opinion it’s early to involve a 5 years old kid to the planning of an holiday, both for the destination and for the daily schedule; at that age there is too much thrilling for the immediate and a low patience for what has to come, better waiting another few years. But it’s very important to know the child’s preferences and to target the vacations to those ones, it will be more pleasant for all.
An example. We all like musical in our family, and London is the capital of theatres. What’s better than having a show to watch on that days! As it’s Christmas air, what’s better than some about it. As there’s a little girl with us, what’s better than one that she can understand too. Our choice had been on “The Snowman” and we all loved it!
Another important consideration is the time to spend for any attraction, shop, meal or whatever. It’s holiday time, don’t rush! Keep calm and enjoy, taste, indulge. Children know very well that interesting things require to take time to relish. Would you ever turn off your TV in the middle of your favourite show or movie?
I do take into account these times. I don’t like to visit all the possible attractions in a while, only to put the stamp “Done”. I like to understand, so children do.
Also time for relax is important. To stop in a café and let your child make a draw while you have a coffee or to curious in a store that has a well furnished toy department can make the harass of your child disappear.
In London it was sales days, so we wanted to have some shopping without bother our little Alice. Then we discovered a shopping area where the oldest toy shop was. Alice was thrilled to visit it and she endured for all the afternoon without complaining until we reached Pollock, where she was finally able to choose the promised present.

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