Dear Alice. An open letter

My sweet Alice,
I love you.
And I thank you.
I thank you when you smile inspiring me with happiness, when you tell the truth infusing me the confidence, when you sing cheering my heart, when you hug me and say sweet words to me, when you whisper serious thinks, when you bargain for some fun more.

I thank you to be born, because in that very moment I learnt how love other than passion can be strong.
I thank you when at nine months you moved your first steps holding tightly a balloon, because I learnt the marvel of how unique can be such a simple thing.
I thank you when at three years you have joyfully entered the kindergarten in Beijing and hugged the other children even without speaking any English or Chinese, because I understood how fresh the communication between children can be.
I thank you when at five you endured two weeks of hospitalization for the diabetes, because I got my strength from your courage.
Now you are turning six and I hope we’ll continue growing up together.

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