Diabetes among us

There are events we can’t foresee, nor contain and this hurts even more because we feel powerless and lost.

The most shocking event in my life has been to discover Alice’s diabetes type 1. Today I’ve not fully recovered, but I can cope with it. But I’ve a very clear memory of that days. We were being in China, during one of the most pleasant periods of our existence and suddenly our lives were turned to a nightmare made by a daily interaction with a disease unknown to us, in a foreign country and with the certainty that our daughter had been marked for the rest of her life.

For more than a while the educational priorities had changed radically. My main target was to heal the body, disregarding the soul.

Then I started to understand that I cannot be able to control the chemistry of the body, of a body that is not mine, of a body that belongs to a little girl, who prefers to be loved by a human-father than to be checked and fed by a machine-father.

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