When to say and when to show

There are emotions we can’t control and this hurts more because we pretend to protect our kids from our sorrow.

Less than one year ago my wife had an early miscarriage at the fifth week. We were not ready for such a news, we were so confident that nothing could have gone wrong that suddenly we felt lost. We had made a big mistake when we gave her the good news too early. She was thrilled. At school, during the “circle time” she had told that her mommy carried a baby in the belly. She was so proud. Just fond of it. In a couple of days we had to come back to her telling that the baby was no more. Then we made another mistake, beyond our awareness. We have sunk into despair, my wife was crying all the time and I was squashed and motionless. I can’t imagine the devastating effect on a child, but Alice comforted us. Few months later we were dining together with the grannies and Alice told that once there was a baby in mum’s belly but now it’s no more because mum became angry with her.

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