Answers and questions

Often my daughter has the answers to my questions and she surprises me.

I remember once I’d lost my temper and I’d spanked my daughter, in a reminiscence of the Italian traditional education method, which eventually caused to me great regret for my action. But my smart daughter, as soon as at school, told her teached what happened. At that time we lived in Beijing, she was 4 and she attended a Montessori bilingual kindergarted. I’m still thanking that teacher who had called me the same morning and without making me feel guilty, she had asked me to meet her to talk about how to find a common understanding for Alice’s education. She gave me a book about effective parenthood. I’d shown the book to Alice promising to apply it. Many days later it was happening again and I was threatening my poor naughty Alice: “How can I teach manners to such a naughty girl! I’ve no instruments but spank you”. Her answer made me think and I’m changed from that time: “You do have an instrument. The teacher’s book.”

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