Prologue: how to be a better father

I’m used to ask myself which is the impact of my actions and decisions on my little girl’s future and the effects on her education and character.

I’m not saying that I want to move her steps and choose for her, nor I’m such a boring parent being rushed off her feet, but the choices I make in my life have effects on her life, definitely. At least until she won’t live by herself, to be excluded for the moment because she is only 5 years old.

In our life we have to deal with large and small crossroads. There’s only one attempt each time and a father, together with her spouse, should be able to select carefully what is best for the whole family.

It is anyway possible to make mistakes, turn back on our steps, apologize, this is all part of the path of our own life. But everything has consequences, we cannot deny.

For these reasons I want to share my in progress experience with my sweetAlice, baring my doubts, my errors, my wishes and my results as a father.

I’ve much to learn, I’ve much to try. I’m really not an expert father, it’s only my first time.

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