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When to say and when to show

There are emotions we can’t control and this hurts more because we pretend to protect our kids from our sorrow. Less than one year ago my wife had an early miscarriage at the fifth week. We were not ready for … Continue reading

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To be continued…

There are defeats that we can’t hide and this hurts because we pretend to be unfailing in front of our kids and we fail…

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Answers and questions

Often my daughter has the answers to my questions and she surprises me. I remember once I’d lost my temper and I’d spanked my daughter, in a reminiscence of the Italian traditional education method, which eventually caused to me great … Continue reading

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Disclosing bad mood

Sometimes bad mood can ruin all the good job done in weeks. My daughter is an open book. She comes to me and she says “Today I’m unhappy because I’ve been admonished by the teacher”. I’m not always so clear … Continue reading

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Intuition versus logic

Sometimes intuition gives better results than logic. She was 3 when I decided to wean her from the pacifier. We were being in Tokyo and she was making me crazy because, as many young children, she didn’t like the subway, … Continue reading

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The black and the white

There have been situations where I wasn’t able to see the different tones of grey and I found myself struggling for choosing between the black and the white. At each sharp scolding that I make I learn a bit more … Continue reading

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Prologue: how to be a better father

I’m used to ask myself which is the impact of my actions and decisions on my little girl’s future and the effects on her education and character. I’m not saying that I want to move her steps and choose for … Continue reading

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